Open Space Dance School
is dedicated to

Learning, well-being, fun, confidence building, fitness and becoming the best version of yourself you can possibly be.

Trey J Fry – Principal of Open Space Dance School

Our aim to help every student to develop at their own pace and level.

Open Space offers a variety of classes both in person and online, for adults and children of all abilities, including:

Ballet, Tap, Contemporary, Freestyle, Dance Exercise and Zumba.

Open Space Classes and Timetable

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Our bodies work tirelessly for us and they are nothing short of miraculous.  We don’t even think most of the time of everything that is working when we are going about our day to day lives.

Maybe we have parts of our body we battle with or dislike because they aren’t the ‘SAME’ as other peoples.

Maybe we are not making enough time for activities that nurture our bodies, for instance exercise, relaxation, or self-care.

Now we are beginning to accept as a society that self-care is a necessity not a luxury.

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