Feeding the body, Feeding the mind, Feeding the Spirit

A Healthy Attitude to Winter and the Oncoming Months

Part 1 Feeding the Body

With the Winter in the Northern Hemisphere literally within reach, it is a great time to really look after our bodies to obtain maximum health.

There are so many cleverly marketed and placed “goodies” the minute you walk into every supermarket at the moment, tempting us with their vibrant colours and appealing packaging.

Then within weeks, we are being “presented” with weight loss ideas, healthy eating plans, exercise videos etc (these usually last a couple of weeks).  We feel guilty as we have over indulged and now we feel we HAVE to do something about it (more guilt). 

All  this information comes from the same source.  The source that says, stuff and drink yourself stupid for a month and then promptly suggests that we all live a healthier lifestyle.

Is this really good for our bodies?

We all know deep down, which foods make us feel good and which foods don’t.  I’m not a nutritionist and to radically change your diet, I would seek the advice of a professional.

However, what I do know, is how certain foods make me feel, not only on a physical level but a mental level too.

I believe we need to keep healthy and build up our immune system, especially more than ever, in respect of the year’s events. 

How Can We Do This!

  • Simple ways to help you achieve this over the coming Winter months are eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, rich in the vitamins and minerals the body needs to sustain itself.
  • Eat fresh as much as you can.  Processed foods can have a dulling effect on the body.
  • Drink fresh bottled water.  Water flushes the body and help get rid of toxins and detoxifies.
  • Check out with a professional if you have any vitamins deficiencies and then take the necessary supplements.
  • Exercise.  It doesn’t have to be anything exerting.  It’s so important to keep the body moving and exercise releases serotonins (the body’s  natural high).
  • Get fresh air.  Go for a walk in nature and appreciate all the gorgeous things that are around us.

It’s all about balance

Our bodies are so precious and through them we connect with the world around us.  They are nothing short of a miracle. They tell us if something isn’t right and they also let us know when they are feeling good.

I truly believe if we really listen to and tune into what they want, we can have a healthier and happier Winter and enjoy the season to its maximum.